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Energy Watch Controls Energy Usage

How Can Energy Watch Controls Benefit You ?

Benefits of Energy Watch Controls

Building Management Systems or BMS is a computer-based system that is installed in buildings to monitor and control the mechanical and electrical system of the building. We specialize in manufacturing and installing systems that control your buildings heating, ventilation and lighting system.

  • Improved Energy Efficient:

One of the biggest benefits of using Energy Watch Controls is that you will become more energy efficient.

  1. Analyze and monitor how energy is consumed.
  2. Control your mechanical and electrical services based on occupancy.
  3. Automatically turn on or off and adjust your Heating and Ventilation.
  4. Create automated energy efficient measures in unoccupied areas of the building.
  • Reduced Operation and Maintenance Costs:

You can reduce your operation and maintenance costs with building management systems.

  1. The advanced diagnostics available in building management systems will enable you to maximize proper use of equipment and have timely maintenance.
  2. Automatically rotate plant usage, based on hours usage.
  3. Automatically rotate plant due to failure, reducing down time.
  4. Remote monitoring of equipment.
  5. Automatic report of plant failure reducing fault diagnosis man hours.
  6. Effective use of staff for maintenance.
  • Lower Utility Costs:

Building management systems are great when it comes to lowering utility costs. There will be at least 15% lower utility costs with BMS

  • Occupancy Comfort.

BMS also provides excellent occupancy comfort and fewer complaints.


  • Improved Staff Productivity:
  1. With a building management system in place you will be able to improve staff productivity, maximize staff comfort and economizing costs.
  2. Provide local controls for occupants to have better control over comfort in occupied areas.
  3. Provide a better environment that enables staff to develop a sustainable approach to their lifestyle and work.
  4. Individual room controls.
  5. Better control of internal comfort conditions.
  6. Increased level of comfort.
  7. Central remote control of building.
  8. Monitoring of building.
  9. Satisfied occupants.


  • Environmental Sustainability Policy:
  1. Building management systems helps in reduction in energy consumption and also reduces the production of carbon dioxide emissions.
  2. Contribution towards agreement with mandatory legislation.
  3. Provide a better environment that enables staff to develop a sustainable approach to their lifestyle and work.
  • Benefits to Building Owner:
  1. Higher value on property.
  2. Remote monitoring of equipment and plant.
  3. Increased level of comfort.
  4. Central remote control of building.
  5. Monitoring of building.
  • Benefit for Maintenance Companies:
  1. Satisfied occupants.
  2. Computerized maintenance schedules.
  3. Effective use of staff for maintenance.
  4. Ease of information availability.